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Shanine Lafreniere

“The value of clinical research is in front of us every day.” My name is Shanine Lafreniere, and I am an optometrist in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. And also a mother and a wife at the same time. We have three beautiful kids: Adalyn, Axel, and Elyse. When you decide to have children, you assume everything is […]

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Maia Stock

“I was stuck in bed, and now I can actually have a life.” I’m Maia Stock and I have a form of Dysautonomia called POTS. Dysautonomia is an autonomic nerve system problem, so it affects your nervous system. Blood will go away from your heart, but then it pools in your legs and feet and […]

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Thomas Peacocke

“The kind of care we have is the result of having a society that cared enough.” Well, my relationship with Dr. Armstrong began at a social function. I was barbecuing and Dr. Armstrong said to my wife, “Do you think Tom would mind if he came over to my office? He doesn’t look very well.” […]

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Laura Saunders

“As a parent of two very young children… my voice matters.” First and foremost, I’m a mom. That is my number-one job, my most important role in my life. Two small children: my son is three and my daughter is eight months. As a mom, it’s my job to make sure that my kids are […]

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Kerry Elliott

“There might be a cure out there around the corner.” My name is Kerry Elliott. I work with Global television. I’ve been there just about 10 years now, working in media. I’m married, I have a wife. We don’t have kids; we have two parrots, which I find is fun, but probably almost as busy […]

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Anne Babineau

“Alberta has tremendous capacity for research.” Innovative Medicines Canada is the industry association of the research-based pharmaceutical companies. And we support better access to medicines for patients, as well as creating an environment in Canada where investment and research can happen. Our code of ethical standards is a support for our industry. And in order […]

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Breean Haslam

“You’re the reason we can do research.” So I recently started at South Health Campus in the hepatology clinic. They hired me on to coordinate all of the research at their site. Currently we don’t have any research at our site. So it’s kind of a groundbreaking thing that we’re bringing it from the Foothills […]

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Dina Kao

“To conduct research, we need patient participation.” My name is Dina Kao. I am a gastroenterologist at the University of Alberta. I really did not expect to go into research at all when I went into the field of medicine. I always imagined myself being a clinician, and I really just stumbled into this area […]

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“Your experience… is a unique experience.” So I just started with SPOR, which stands for Strategy for Patient Oriented Research… I guess the end of May this year. And I’m the patient lead for the patient engagement platform. So the role of that platform is really to encourage patients, families, caregivers to get more engaged […]

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