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Celebrating Clinical Trials Day and Emphasizing the Importance of Health Research

“Without research, we won’t progress or find cures to keep us in better health, it’s our goal to get better for ourselves and to help other people”. These words by Sharon, one of our clinical trial volunteers echo our thoughts as we celebrate Clinical Trials Day. Through health research, treatments are possible, new medicines and […]

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Sharon’s Story

Sharon was prescribed antibiotics after complaints of recurrent stomach issues, but this brought about the opposite result, leading her to the hospital and diagnosed with Clostridium difficile (C. difficile). C. difficile is a bacterium commonly found in the environment, but people often get C. difficile infections when taking antibiotics. Sharon already had this infection for […]

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Deborah’s Story

Heart Failure affects millions of people. This condition is life changing and affects both the quality and quantity of life. Its impact can have a profound effect on individual choices about what medications and treatments to take and how best to prepare for the future. Not only does heart failure affect those who have it […]

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Clarice’s Story

For almost 20 years, Clarice Chrisp has been living with Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC), a rare autoimmune liver condition. Her constant lack of energy and unexplained fatigue have affected her life significantly, but she has remained engaged and active in seeking to further the science behind the disease. This desire to be involved led to […]

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Rosalyn’s Story

When Colin Abernethy was told that his daughter Rosalyn had Fragile X, it was a relief. From an early age Rosalyn experienced difficulties in reaching certain development milestones, and with this diagnosis, it opened the door to finding some solutions for her. Since then, the Abernathys have been highly involved in Canadian and American Fragile […]

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Donnie’s Story

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people world wide. When Donato Bernardo was told that he had cancer, he knew he wasn’t going to stop at anything to fight it. He began a 5 year battle that would see him undergoing every known treatment in the system. Despite experiencing some mild success at […]

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Kayla’s Story

Being born with congenital heart disease, Kayla Shaw Rosa has been involved in health research from day one. Working with patients like Kayla helps Dr. Payhem Dehgani not only treat her better, but learn more about this rare condition and how it affects often under-represented members of the health care system. “They can’t learn more […]

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Paul’s Story: M. Chimaera Trial

When Paul Johnson went in for his heart surgery in 2015, he knew there were risked involved, but he never could have predicted what came next. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Paul had been exposed to a bacteria called M. chimaera, and it would slowly begin to spread throughout his body. The contamination was […]

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Dr. Archambault

Dr. Patrick Archambault sees his work as the perfect marriage between Science and the Humanities. Investigating neuro-cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, his work has led him to collaborate with patient partners in what he calls his Living Laboratory. The real life experiences of people like Marie Laflamme, Michel Cantin, and many others whose lives have […]

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Research Spotlight: Gas Vaccine Trial

“We’ve been building up to this for years” Group A Streptococcus is a bacteria responsible for approximately 500,000 deaths every year globally. Particularly common in indigenous populations in Canada and Australia, this has led to a joint effort between the two countries in the form of the GAS Vaccine Trial led by Dr. Michael Good […]

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