ACCESS Trial aims to improve the health of low-income seniors

When you live with a chronic disease, bills from costly medications can add up. Investigators from the University of Calgary want to see this change and created the ACCESS Trial as a result.

The purpose of the ACCESS Trial is to determine whether providing selected high-value preventive medications and comprehensive patient education programs for free will improve the health of low-income seniors.

Eligible participants will have a 50% chance of receiving free medications through their Alberta Blue Cross Seniors Plan and/or a personalized education program to treat their heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cholesterol, or high blood pressure for the duration of the three-year study.

Take a look through the eligibility criteria below to see if you may qualify for the ACCESS trial.

If your answers to all the above questions are “yes,” then you’re one step closer to potentially reducing your medication bills. The ACCESS trial was created to make your life easier, so there are no appointments or in-person visits required to participate.
If you’re interested in improving your health and shaping Alberta’s medical future, please contact the research staff to determine your eligibility.

Give them a call at 1.844.944.8927 or email them at You can also explore their website to learn more.