You're The Missing Piece

When you participate in health research, you’re helping detect disease, find new ways to treat and prevent illness, and improve patient outcomes. There are lots of important health research studies currently underway in Canada. Help make a difference by being a part of it.

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Health research is a partnership between investigators and patients. Patients can help improve research and the health care system by sharing their stories, experiences, perspectives, knowledge, and expertise.

You’re considered a patient if you have a medical condition, have personal experience with the health care system, or are a family member, caregiver, or friend to someone who does.


There are lots of ways to get involved in health research. Explore opportunities to help shape Canada’s future in health, whether as a research partner or research participant. You can also stay updated on new opportunities by reading our blog, following us on social media, signing up for email updates, or joining a local Health Network.

Your voice matters. Use your experiences as a patient to help plan, carry out, analyze, and share research through one of the many opportunities in your area.