Seeking Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes for the REMIT Study (Lifestyle Intervention)

The University of Calgary Clinical Trials Unit, at The Diabetes Hypertension and Cholesterol Center, is currently seeking individuals with Type 2 Diabetes to participate in a clinical trial called the REMIT Study. This trial is researching the effectiveness of a new approach to diabetes treatment, with the intention of inducing a remission of diabetes.

This study involves 12 weeks of intensive lifestyle interventions and oral and injectable diabetes medications. Patients then cease diabetes medications and are followed up to 64 weeks by the clinic staff. Patients should be willing to increase physical activity, follow dietary recommendations, and adhere to medication schedules.

You may be eligible if you meet the following inclusion criteria:

For more information or to participate, please contact:
Brittany Rossiter
(403) 955-8115

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board