Reaserch Spotlight: The Peak Team

“Children in particular are prone to having less research done to support their care.”

PEAK stands for Pediatric Emergency Advancing Knowledge and provides health research support to figure out how to treat children who come into the emergency room and other medical support facilities.

Clinicians involved with child patients have found that research is a way to positively connect with families.

“I have had over 80% of a positive response from families when I approach them [about participating in clinical research],” says Neelam Mabood, a Research Assistant on the PEAK Research Team.

The emphasis of PEAK is on advancing knowledge within pediatric medicine to create better outcomes for children and their families. This research is entirely voluntary, but the children understand that, by participating, they’re helping other children so they’re really excited to be a part of the studies.

PEAK is an excellent example of how research is making a difference in the lives and health of people across Alberta.