Survey Opportunity: Shaping Senior’s Health Research by Letting Us Know What Matters to You

Older adults are the fastest growing group in the Alberta population. Within 20 years, one in five Albertans will be 65 years of age or older.  Given our aging population, seniors’ health is an important issue for the healthcare system and Albertans. Seniors’ health covers a wide breadth of topics, and research studies contribute to our knowledge of health, illness, and disability. However, what we don’t yet know is what matters most to knowledge users and how those topics across seniors’ health might weigh against one another for priority-setting.

You are invited to participate in this survey to identify the questions about seniors’ health that are important to you. You are invited to take part if you are:

The findings of this survey will set the foundation for future strategic planning related to the research supported and led by the Seniors Health SCN. Please take part by clicking the link below. Thank you!

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